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I don't know how you got here but welcome and I really mean that. As I'm writing this text, OldMontgomerysFarm.com is in its infancy, just a baby website. I have other websites that I feed so I never really expected to make and maintain another one - let alone one about suburban gardening.

Never expected because not only is maintaining a website is a lot of work, but as soon as I was old enough to leave home, I did so that I wouldn't have to pull weeds in my Dad's very large garden. And yet somewhere along the line, little by little, year by year, I now find my self with a garden, taking care of a yard for my elderly parents, a greenhouse, 4 hives of bees, and soon a couple of chickens.

I guess that's what 46 years away from home will do for a person. Go figure.

OldMontgomerysFarm.com is a spinoff from another one of my websites, OpenWoodShop.com and a lot of the early content will be coming directly from there as I play catch up to get this site going. OpenWoodShop.com was getting a little too much agriculture content so I've decided refocus that site on wood working and leave the ag to this new site.

I hope you come back here often, or at least now and then, and together we'll see how this garden grows.

-- Paul Montgomery, CIEIO

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