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Monday August 28 2017

Solar Beeswax Melter

We get honey from bees and they polinate our garden, but one byproduct that we also get is bees wax. A quick Google search shows the many things we can make from bees wax, including furniture polish, lip gloss, and candles. Rendering bees wax is not hard, but using any kind of pot or pan will mean that because of the wax impurities, you will never be able to use that pan for any thing else.

Oddly enough, a simple solar wax melter does a great job of separating most of the impurities from the wax. I use recyclable aluminum pans. That makes clean up easy and when I store the box away for the winter it won't smell horrible when I open it up next summer.

A further rendering is necessary to get the finer impurities out, leaving beautiful, pure bees wax.

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