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Monday May 29 2017

Putting a floor in the dome greenhouse

I've been collecting scraps of wood whenever I could get them free or cheap expressly for a floor for the greenhouse. It's time to get them out of my way and on to their intended purpose.

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The tomatos and peppers etc don't seem to mind but it's just not a very pleasant place to work in. I thought about putting in gravel but wood was cheaper and it would have been a lot of work to get the gravel back to this area. And it was cheaper.

I had to find and drag the long extension cord out and shlep the miter saw and stand, circular saw, air compressor and the wood over to the area. Then I decided to take a break and think about what I was getting myself into. But I came back anyway.

I sort of leveled out the ground and grabbed various scraps of plastic to lay down as a vapor barrier and with all that done, cutting the stringers for the floor joists began.

I had to kneel down, take a measurement, get up, go cut a board with oddly angled ends, go back, nail it in, start over. It was over 110 degrees in the greenhouse and that little routine did not get easier as the day went on. Especially the kneeling down and getting up again part. But thank god for nail guns. Swinging a hammer all day in that heat would have hurt more than all the kneeling and getting up I had to do.

I like leaving something for the person who later on will take apart my work so grabbing a marker and leaving a date and a funny chicken was totally in order.

With this odd collection of scraps I still barely had enough. Of course I could always put down better flooring later when I get it, but knowing me I probably won't. Temporary is the most common permanent.

The wife came over and helped to get everything back in and then we immediately got water and dirt everywhere. But that's a green house and probably why most people have a dirt floor. Even so, we both agreed that it's a big improvement compared to the way it was before. While putting the irrigation tubing back into the pots and rearranging everything, it was noticably a more pleasant space to be in. The wood brightens thing up a lot compared to the dark dirt.

And if the tomatos don't care, they can stuff it. 'Cause we're going to stuff them.

The Wrong Way

1. Starting on the edges and working towards the middle on the floor joists would have meant easier nailing. Trying to get the nail gun in against the walls meant nailing at odd angles.

2. Using the plywood and decking against the walls and using my more plentiful cedar boards in the middle would have been more attractive, but it would have added a lot more work, and dealing with the 110 degree temperature was bad enough as it was.

3. Because of all of the oddly shaped floor boards, some of them were not supported very well. I'll have to do more work to get back in and fix that. A shortcut is rarely a shortcut.

My Other Greenhouse Videos:
[ Making a dome Greenhouse / Installing a floor / Dome Entrance Retrofit /
Windows and Roof Retrofit / Re-covering the Dome ]

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