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June 01, 2018

A Garden Tool Hanger

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Summer is almost upon us and I've had a lot of yard and garden work to do. If you're a gardener and have at least a small place to work and some basic tools for carpentry there's no end to what projects you can find for them.

If you have gardening tools I'm sure you can relate to how frustrating finding a suitable place for them can be.

Put them in a corner and they get tangled up and you will always want the one in back.

Hang them inside the shed or garage and stuff gets put in front of them, guaranteeing that you can't get to them.

I've tried hanging them on the outside of the shed but the weather is hard on them. I bought an organizer but that didn't work out so well. The tools are different widths and it seems like a wide tool will always overlay atop another tool. And because you only get one tool per hook they take up a lot of space this way.

The answer was in the wood shop all along and all it took was some old 2x4s and screws. Any kind of joinery makes things stronger so I carved out some dados and used 12 inch pieces to make the holders.

I worked in factories when I was younger and I still like projects where I'm running a lot of the same kind of parts. You set up your jigs and just run the pieces through.

I made five hooks because eventually I'll enclose them and with 5 I can space them out to 4 feet. That way a sheet of plywood will be just the right size for the doors, where I'll be able hang smaller tools.

So far the organizer I just made seems to work pretty good. It's strong, the tools can't slip, and you can stack them 3 or 4 deep, saving space. If you have a wide tool in front or you want the tool in back, you can just lift the front tools off, get the one you want, and set the other tools back on.

I raided the paint cabinet for every partially used can I could because, why not.

It worked better than I had planned. Even if there are large tools in front you just pull them out and get the tool you want from behind then slide the other tools back in.

I think this system will be even more functional when I get it enclosed. But it's working great the way it is, and you know, I have all summer to get that done.

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