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Wednesday July 12 2017

Rescuing a Toy Wagon


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I'm putting this project under the "Yard & Garden" category because that's where we plan on using it. Driving along I spotted an old red wagon sticking out of a trash can. Even just driving by it looked in bad shape but the pneumatic wheels caught my eye and I thought I might take them off and return the rest to the trash.

Welds on the under carriage were broken and the front suspension was barely holding on. Somebody's "fix" of driving sheetrock screws through the bed and into the under carriage didn't help any. At all. The box was rusty and extra screws had been put through it in a poorly executed plan to fix it. The tires were all flat and so my thought was that maybe even they were not worth the time/money/effort. But they were double ball bearing and so I pumped them up and after a day they were still full of air.

In the meantime I began entertaining the idea of replacing the rusty red metal box with a wooden one. If I could but repair the front suspension I might just come up with something that would work better than a wheel barrow to haul garden stuff around in. Even broken up as it was I was able to pull a lot of weight, which was even further encouragement.

Pics and vid tell the rest of the story.

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